16 Week Beginners Training Program



#Boxing101NZ offers premium services with Small Group Classes + Personal Training.

The ’16 Week Program’ teaches beginners the foundations of boxing and weightlifting in a safe, controlled environment – preparing them with the skills and conditioning for their first beginner fight.

Fighting is optional but for those that opt in will all be extensively trained and driven to reach success over their 16 weeks of learning.

Participants get into the best shape of their lives while learning gym workout skills that they can take away and use long after the program has finished. It is a genuine program and opportunity offering a life changing experience that will put you to the test, humble you and shape your views on sport and exercise training forever after.

boxing combo techniqueBe trained from knowing nothing at all, to the point of having your first beginner fight.

Learn the correct boxing technique – stance, movement, how to punch technique and throw combinations, how to use the bag, pad work, sparring specific drills and skills.

dumbell row exercise technique“I’ll teach you exercise technique and how to use the gym correctly – well designed weight lifting programs to supplement your boxing training.

Visit DayneWilliams.com to learn about my online programs that will come free with Boxing 101.”


Learn step by step with clear technique instruction. 

I will progressively build you up towards sparring with your teammates who will also help you achieve what you never thought possible in the space of 16 weeks.

My video tutorials will complement what you learn in class helping you learn faster than what you would with classes alone.

Who can join?

boxing fight training

Boxing Beginners

  • Learn the Correct Technique
  • Build Your Foundations for MMA
  • Have Your First Fight Experience
  • Learn Boxing for Kick Boxing

Fitness Enthusiasts

  • Pursue a New Challenge
  • Build Lean, Toned Athletic Muscle
  • Learn Gym Exercise Technique
  • Learn Exercise Programming
boxing weight loss training

Health & Fitness Beginners

  • Make friends
  • Lose Weight & Get Fit
  • Simultaneously Learn Boxing
  • Suitable for all Ages and Abilities


62 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead

Clean, spacious boxing and kick boxing gym housing a full sized boxing ring, 13+ leather bags, a fully equipped weights gym and showers.

kick boxing fitness training
leather boxing bags

Trainer: Dayne Williams

53 fights worth of experience in Boxing, 14 in Kick Boxing, and much non-competitive weightlifting training and teaching.

I started boxing at 16 years of age (2005), finished an exercise science degree (2011), and have been teaching and training ever since.

squat exercise for fitness
dumbbell row exercise
boxing fat loss
boxing combination combo

Training Schedule: 16 Week Program

Program 1 started March 12, 2018 

But you may still train with us 🙂

Program 2 will commence in August.

Arrive anytime between 4pm – 7pm

Sunday classes are paid separately to the ’16 Week Program’

Please arrive 15 mins early to warm up.

Blue Team

4pm to 7pm (Blue Team)

4pm to 7pm (Blue Team)

4pm (Optional)

Red Team

4pm to 7pm (Red Team)

4pm to 7pm (Red Team)

4:45pm (Optional)

20% Student Discount

1 trainer to every 6 members

16 Week Program

$12.50 per session


Saves $240

8 Concession

$15 per session


Saves $40

1 Session

$20 per session


Full Price

Small class size = faster improvements!

Program Includes

  • 32 Professionally Taught Classes over 16 Weeks
  • A Fight Organized and Sanctioned for you
  • After Hours Facebook Support
  • Access to my Online Gym Programs
  • YouTube Video of your Training + Fight
  • Nutrition Advice / Guidance (if required)


I’m a specialist teacher with experience in working with all types of people in many environments. Busy Auckland CBD professionals, young active adult men and women, teenagers and pre teens. After many years teaching I now focus on delivering #Boxing101NZ

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– Boxing 101 New Zealand on YouTube

Video Tutorials

YouTube: Boxing Technique Training for Beginners

I explain boxing techniques step by step from stance through to footwork drills, punch technique, defensive skills, and beginner through to advanced boxing combinations. Browse the channel for other gym videos, demos and tutorials of myn 🙂

Read my fitness training guides, watch my gym exercise demo + tutorials in the articles section.

Instagram Version: Boxing101NZ


Ask me anything.

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