16 Week Beginners Training Program


Boxing 101 New Zealand

Boxing 101 New Zealand

Premium teaching services on offer

Two types of small group classes are offered.

1. Open classes are for those looking to ease into training and learn the basics of boxing in a safe, controlled environment.

2. ’16 Week Program’ delivers a comprehensive training course teaching beginners both boxing and weightlifting. Participants are prepared physically and mentally with the skills and conditioning for their first beginner fight. This is an extensive, fast-paced program that requires participants to overcome new challenges and learn new skills week to week until the fight night – not recommended for the faint hearted.

Who can join?

Anyone ready to learn.

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Aspiring Athletes

auckland boxing technique training
  • Learn the Correct Technique
  • Learn for MMA / Kick Boxing
  • Have Your First Beginner Fight


boxing weight loss training
  • Make friends
  • Boxing is great for weight loss
  • Learn technique for fitness

Fitness Enthusiasts

  • Pursue a New Challenge
  • Build Lean, Athletic Muscle
  • Learn Exercise Technique

Open Classes

Learn the basics of boxing – stance, footwork, punch technique, how to use the boxing bag, beginner boxing combinations and basic defense skills with partner drills. You will quickly learn the correct boxing technique step by step with clear instruction.

This class is great for those that want to just come in and learn some technique to get started and achieve a base level of fitness. Little to no sparring in this class.

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16 Week Beginners Fight Training Program

Get the real training experience – be trained from knowing nothing at all to the point of having your first beginner fight in just 16 weeks.

Learn with your team mates week to week as you gain new skills and overcome challenges at every stage of the program.

Boxing stance, movement, punch technique, boxing combos (beginner through to advanced), how to use the boxing bag effectively, defense drills, hands-on pad work, sparring, ring craft coaching, receive video feedback of your training and more.

In addition participants will learn how to use the weights gym and follow an exercise program to supplement their boxing training.

It is a genuine program and opportunity offering a life changing experience that you will talk about for many years to come. Graduates may continue with boxing or pursue kick boxing next.

A basic level of fitness is required to start. 

If you have no intention of having a beginner fight you may not join the ’16 Week Program’. Fighting is part of the training and offers a valuable learning experience. 

I want to invest as much of my time and energy as I can into those that are genuinely interested in learning and willing to share their experiences to encourage others to take action. The best way to achieve this is to train for a fight.

Fights at the end of the program are evenly matched – based on bodyweight and ability. Injury is rare in amateur boxing – contrary to popular belief it is actually a safe sport. A very rewarding sport.

Participants are constantly being observed and assessed while being taught and put under pressure with new challenges. A satisfactory ability needs to be demonstrated or they will be withdrawn from the fight program and placed in the open classes. While those in the open class that are up to the challenge may merge into the 16 week program to replace them. Therefore the two classes complement one another.

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62 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead

Clean, spacious boxing and kick boxing gym housing a full sized boxing ring, 13+ leather bags, a fully equipped weights gym and showers.

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Trainer: Dayne Williams

53 fights worth of experience in Boxing, 14 in Kick Boxing and much non-competitive weightlifting training and teaching.

I started boxing at 16 years of age (2005), finished an exercise science degree (2011), and have been teaching and training ever since.

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Training Schedule

Program 1 started March 12

Program 2 will commence July 30 TBC

Participants signed up to the 16 week program may attend the ‘open class’ to warm up for the team training that follows.

Blue Team

5:45pm to 7pm

5:45pm to 7pm

Requires 32 concession purchase.

Red Team

5:45pm to 7pm

5:45pm to 7pm

Requires 32 concession purchase.

Open Classes

5pm to 6pm

5pm to 6pm

4pm to 5:15pm

32 Concession

$12.50 per session


Saves $240

8 Concession

$15 per session


Saves $40

1 Session

$20 per session


Full Price

Small class size = faster improvements!
Sessions expire 8 months from purchase date.

Program Includes

  • 32 Hands on classes over 16 Weeks
  • A fight organized and sanctioned for you
  • After hours Facebook group support
  • Access to Online Gym Programs
  • YouTube Video of your Training + Fight
  • Nutrition Advice / Guidance (if required)


I’m a specialist teacher with experience in working with all types of people in different environments from the commercial gym to CrossFit to Kick Boxing. Clients have ranged from the busy professional to young active adult men and women, teenagers and pre teens.

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YouTube Tutorials

Boxing Technique Training for Beginners
Gym Exercise Technique Demonstrations

My tutorials teach boxing step by step from stance through to footwork drills, punch techniques, defensive skills, partner sparring drills and a full boxing combinations playlist.

You may explore further and review my fitness training guides in the articles section. I share many gym exercise tutorial videos and demonstrations there.


If the form fails message me via the Facebook page.

Location: 62 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead

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