16 Week Beginners Boxing Training Program – Week 8 of 16

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Beginners Boxing Training Program

Week 8 of 16

Congratulations to those who have made it this far with their boxing training.

We have had a couple of quitters already in each team! At the same time we’re seeing new guys come through who are stepping up to the challenge!

The 16 week boxing training program is a beginners program but it’s a hard beginners program. Anyone can do it if they apply themselves. Nobody in this beginners program has had a fight before and we do start from the very beginning – I take the right steps to introduce beginners.

People talk about how they gonna get in shape or become fighters / have their first experience but then they give up… often its the loudest ones that quit first.

What is most important is being able to stay consistent with your training week in, week out.

Many people can’t handle that – they go out drinking… party too much or let bad relationships control their life… it’s the ones who have discipline that will survive the 16 weeks. Not necessarily the most aggressive or physically strong ones nor the social media socialites.

Whether it’s a training program, a university course of study or whatever… if it has a 100% pass rate then you should question the legitimacy of the qualification. It would not be a genuine program if everyone ‘passed the test’.

My job is to deliver an honest service and get people ready for what they are about to experience.

So by weeding out a few people but at the same time retaining many participants and progressing them with their learning… that tells me the program is just right.

Don’t forget to view the YouTube channel as all training is being documented and archived there: http://bit.ly/Boxing101NZ



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In week 6 and 7 we saw 5 new guys join the ’16 Week Beginners Boxing Training Program’

Pictured above is 4 of the 5 new potential contenders

In week 8 another 2 new potential fighters joined too! People are starting to come from other boxing and mixed martial arts gyms just to join Boxing101.nz 16 week program!

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