The 6 Types of Boxing Punches used for Boxing Combos

There are 6 types of boxing punches you need to learn the numbers of so that you know which punch i’m referring to when I call the number. This helps to quickly call a punch by abbreviating it. 

There are 6 main punches we build our combinations from.

1 is the lead jab

2 is the back hand

3 is the lead hook

4 is the back hand hook

5 is the lead uppercut

and 6 is the back hand uppercut

So a boxing combination example using this numbering system is 1123632

That is a double jab, back hand, lead hook, back hand uppercut, lead hook followed by a back hand.

As you can see with that example the abbreviated numbering system is much faster to say.

Now that we have learnt the numbers we can learn the boxing combos in the following tutorials. See you there.

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