Boxing 101 New Zealand’s Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the program is to introduce and teach participants who know nothing about boxing how to do the sport and prepare them for their first fight in just 16 weeks.

Having a boxing fight is part of the learning experience – when you compete you learn the skills and techniques of a sport none competitors will never. You have the incentive to properly condition yourself and the coach will invest their time and energy into you.

Competitors have the power to positively influence those around them to take action with their health and fitness training.

That is what teaching systems is designed to achieve – using boxing as a vehicle.


Program benefits
– Improved self esteem and confidence
– Participants become a part of something positive and build relationships within a sports program
– Motivation and influence from the boxing fight experience has the power to change people
– Scouts potential athletes in the community and offers opportunities
– Is a physical education course that teaches participants about boxing and gym exercise programs
– Inspires the participants friends and family when they spectate at the fight night

After the program participants are set up for success with the skills, knowledge and experiences necessary to forward their sport, recreational activities, health and fitness in the long term.

Once the right skills and knowledge is attained you are able to take control of your health and fitness. There is less confusion and frustration.

16 people trained for 16 weeks with and all had their first beginner fight on July 14 in the programs first fight night.

Not a single injury.

Why Boxing?

Teaching Content

The articles page very clearly lists exercise guides for building gym programs and learning gym exercise techniques.

The gym exercise program supplements the boxing training and is taught step by step to participants on how to use the free weights equipment to create balanced, full body workout routines.

The gym workouts are simple yet effective. A simple exercise programming system that is easy to learn and practical for combining with sport and recreation.

Screenshots from my tutorials and demonstrations

dumbbell row exercise
core abdominal training exercise
Bench Press Gym Exercise
deadlift exercise weightlifting
squat exercise for fitness

Why will succeed?

There is a demand for teaching program and the opportunities offered through it

Martial arts sports and mixed martial arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport today and boxing is the single best gateway martial art sport.

Beginner fight nights can safely be created with boxing and everyone uses boxing to build their competition experiences in the early stages.

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Final Words

When I started boxing back in 2005 there were no structured programs within sports clubs / gyms – no curriculum or development program in place for learning the sport nor any info on how to use the gym. 

YouTube did not exist back then either so self-learning was difficult…

My goal was to change that – everything I wish I learnt in my first year of training I put into this 16 week program.

The program is clearly outlined and archived posts and videos of the program are made public and easily accessible so participants know exactly what to expect.

Dayne Williams

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