Successful Launch for Boxing 101 New Zealand

Boxing 101 New Zealand Gym Sign

Successful Launch for Boxing 101 New Zealand

My ’16 Week Beginners Boxing Training Program’ had a successful launch on March 12 and 13 for both the Blue and Red Teams.

At the start of 2018 I had 0 sign ups, 0 people participating in my classes.

Everyone pictured in the photos below I have met this year (except for 1 guy who I had met in December). Look how far it has all come in a few months… New Zealand’s most established gyms are set up in all the suburbs surrounding my program. Despite the fierce competition i’m breaking through the barrier.

One ‘staff member’ with a starting budget of less than $1000 and no social media following to market to. I did all the promo single handed… designed the website, advertising material, filming, video edits, social media portfolios, teaching…

Now is about to enter week 8 of 16 and i’ll soon be creating the Facebook event for the fight night. Blue Team fights the Red Team.

The program is succeeding because I believe in teaching whereas most gyms only care about monetary gain with high numbers and minimal 1 on 1 student to trainer time. In this ’16 Week Program’ I teach people that are genuinely interested in learning and who also have the potential to inspire others to get active too.

I use boxing as a vehicle to promote health and fitness training and self improvement. Hence the importance of the ‘graduation’ fight night.

Read Boxing 101 New Zealand’s Purpose and Goals to learn more.

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Follow the social media pages where I document the program with videos:

► YouTube:

I will be posting a lot to soon – sharing the curriculum through written content and video tutorials.

Posts will be archived here:

Corporate Training Service

With my ’16 Week Program’ stabilizing I will now be adding on a new service – training business staff teams at the work place during work hours.

This is a mobile service that I have just geared up for after receiving a couple random requests.

It’s a great opportunity to get staff teams active by participating in a team building activity and by sharing a new, fun experience. More importantly – learning a health and fitness skill… boxing and basic gym exercise techniques.

I have much experience with personal training corporates in previous years. 

I can teach kick boxing too for those interested.

boxing corporate training equipment

Brand new boxing gear for my new corporate training service.

Media / Documentary

16 Week Beginners Boxing Training Program

The young man pictured above sparring me discovered my program through the over sized sign writing consuming my car lol. Everyone at the gym had a good laugh to begin with – i’ll put on anything haha!

But it led to him joining and now his friends who are building a film start-up contacted me to ask if they may follow him in training. They are preparing a documentary of his 16 week training experience including the fight night!

The video they are producing is very professional – far better than anything I could piece together. I’m looking forward to seeing the end product!

If anyone has any projects, photography etc. etc. that they would like to do on the program just get in touch with me. I’ll help you with it.

Free Introduction Class

Every Sunday starting this Sunday the 29th of April onward I will be running a 30min free introduction class at 3:45pm

The intro will qualify you for the normal classes – I will teach you boxing stance, footwork, defense and how to use the boxing bag.

After the intro you may leave and continue another day or pay half the price of a casual session and stay for the full class that follows.

I created this one weekly intro class because of the amount of requests for a free trial.

Previously I did not offer free lessons because firstly this is a premium service. It’s not a half assed ‘boxfit’ class offered at every gym where you have an instructor yelling at 20 to 30+ people to punch harder. My classes have smaller numbers with much 1 on 1 trainer to student time to work on your technique, hold pads for you etc. etc.

If everyday a new person came into trial a session for free it would detract from my service and it would be at my valued paying clients expense. You should be glad to hear that I will not be giving my time away for free to randoms that walk in. My attention will be on the ones paying.

I value everyone involved in the program and show all an equal amount of attention. 

See you on Sunday 3:45pm

If you are good at something never do it for free

I will be repeating this program soon after the first fight night. 

Sign ups are open now with early bird deals to grab.

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