Advanced Boxing Footwork Drills – Adding Punch Combos

You now need to learn how to add boxing punches and movement together. You are not punching while moving but instead moving yourself into different positions then stopping before throwing a boxing combination.

I’ve previously explained you need to move in your boxing stance because you may need to punch at a moments notice. A boxing bag will swing and move, much like your opponent.

The process looks like this – learn stance, learn to move in that stance, learn punch technique, learn how to step into a basic 1-2 punch combo, and now we are going to combine all of those steps into one boxing drill.

Set yourself up for the 4 square footwork drill again – this time every square we land in we will throw a step 12 punch combination. 

Start in square one with your hands up, move forward into square 2 and once you land then step 12. Without stepping back again, move straight into square number 3 and repeat.

In the next drill we will stand with the line in front of us. Take a small step 12 while still behind the line. Next step over the line and step 12 again. Then move back behind the line and step 12. 

When moving over or back behind the line we want our whole body moving.

Once you have mastered these two drills lets learn how to wrap our hands and then finally we will learn the boxing combinations on the bag.

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