4 Boxing Combos for Weaving Punches – Evasion Techniques

weaving and rolling boxing punches

In the previous tutorial you learnt how to evade a straight punch by slipping, now you will learn how to evade hooks by weaving aka rolling. As with slips you will also learn with weaves to evade to the left and the right followed with a retaliation. Because as you evade your body is positioned for certain strikes and new opportunities will present themselves.

Boxing Combo for Heart Stopping Body Shots – 12 Rips 32

boxing combo for body shots

We will use the jab and straight right punches to close the distance and setup our body shots which come in at 45 degree angles smashing into our opponents floating ribs. A good body shot can stun your opponent especially when they are already tired. Once we learn the body shots we can add on a left hook and straight right to keep the combination flowing.