Beginners Fight Training Success in Program 2 second ’16 Week Beginners Fight Training Program’ has successfully trained new beginners once again with more wins in the ring. 

During Program 2 we had a lot of beginners give up on boxing and so we decided not to host a fight night with the fewer numbers. Instead we placed the remaining beginners into other fight night events. This gave us the opportunity to see how beginners training program compared against other fight gyms.

First up was Thomas Woodhouse who had his first fight on Sky TV!

He won in round 2 by Knockout. The game plan was to keep a tight guard and let his opponent tire himself out in the first round. As expected Thomas’s opponent came out strong and Thomas hung in there with great defense then finished it in Round 2.

Click on the pictures for the video.

On the next fight night we had Phil Young, Daniel Irwin and Julian Tang weighing in for their fights.

All of the guys did well especially Phil (in the first picture) who also knocked out his opponent.

See for the fight video.

Julian's Weight Loss Journey

Congratulations to Julian Tang – most improved person coming through the program in its first year.

In 2018 Julian learnt boxing, had 2 big fights and lost 12kg of fat in exactly 10 months.

BEFORE: 116kg (27 years old) 
AFTER: 104kg

Julian was untrained and did not have any previous athletic training. And he did not have to follow a strict diet! I can only imagine how much weight he would have lost if he cut out sugar.

Julian is now able to use this new level of fitness and skills to lose weight even faster and burn more calories. In the last 6 weeks alone he has lost 5-6kg.

Another 12kg would see Julian reach his end goal, so that he can fight in the 91kg heavyweight division.

To see Julian’s journey view the videos on I have been documenting the program.


New Boxing YouTube Tutorials

I’m working on new boxing tutorials, click the image to view the video for a demonstration and introduction walk-through of what you will learn when you first start boxing with me.

How to do Boxing – Beginners Technique Tutorial (Introduction) in 2019 - Changes

I’ve been back in training a couple months now and plan to spend more time focusing on myself and return to competition, especially now that i’m almost 30. I want to make the most of my next 10 years.

This means I wont be running the program next year but I will still be available for personal training sessions.

I will continue to post my training progress and tutorial videos to the social media pages. I will also keep them updated of any changes. 

Thanks to everyone that has participated in the program this year.

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