The Best Solution for Dangerous Corporate Boxing Fights

While comparatively low risk compared to many other contact sports, a few injuries have made it into the media spotlight recently; with several boxing gyms pulling out of corporate fight night events making headlines.

Corporate boxing makes for a great experience and boxing can certainly be a safe hobby. However, much of the risk in competition comes from the format of gym vs gym fights. Fighters being matched up against an opponent from another gym doesn’t ensure a fair or even match – every gym will want their fighter to have an advantage over the other gym’s fighter.

While this is an understandable aspect of competition in general – I do not believe it should be a part of someone’s very first corporate fight experience.

The solution –

Boxing 101 New Zealand’s ’16 Week Beginners Fight Training Program’ is the very first corporate boxing program where EVERY participant on fight night comes from the same program – everyone trains out of one gym. Participants sign up into a Blue or Red Team who they train with up until the fight night before meeting with their opponent from the opposing team.

Corporate Boxers Touch Gloves
Corporate Boxing Fight in Auckland

1 of the 12 successful fights on first fight night – just 5 months after the program started with no members.

I personally know and train every competitor. I teach the same content with the same level of instruction to each and every individual and I ensure the fighters reach an adequate level of skill and fitness to participate. Only then do I decide on fighter match ups. It is in my best interest to give both of my fighters a rewarding experience.

Everyone fighting knows each other regardless of whether they are in the same team or not. Many train together in the first few weeks before being split into different teams in the final half of the program leading up to the fight night. From there they are still able to follow their opponents training through the social media videos. Thus everyone is in the know.

#Boxing101NZ is distinctly different to other gym’s corporate boxing programs – ensuring safety while still keeping the fight night competitive with team rivalry and suspense.

Dayne Williams 

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