How to Wrap your Hands for Boxing and Kick Boxing

Learning how to wrap your hands for boxing training is right up there with learning the boxing stance. You can not do a boxing workout with first wrapping your hands for the safety of your wrists in particular.

The video explains a quick method for wrapping your hands for boxing and kick boxing training. It helps to have a trainer wrap your hands the first couple of times but thereafter you are always expected to do it on your own. Hand wraps protect your wrists and the small bones of the hand as well as absorb sweat to protect the gloves. It protects your wrist by keeping the wrist straight.

Take the time to learn how to wrap your hands correctly to prevent injury or sore hands and wrists. Boxing hand wraps will protect your knuckles, small bones of the hands and wrists from the repetitive boxing punches that you do when training in the gym.

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