How to Punch a Boxing Bag – #1 Rule

Now for the fun part – learning how to use the boxing bag. We are going to apply those techniques that we learnt and also add some new combinations.

Start by standing from just out of range of the boxing bag – next small step with the lead leg with your jab and follow with a right cross (back hand).

When you throw your back hand your right foot should stay where it is – as explained before you want to use the back foot to press and drive force into your power punch. In the situation your opponent or the bag moves then you can move the back foot but every time you need to punch you plant the foot momentarily.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is standing too close or too far from the boxing bag when training. If you stand too close your opponent can hit you 

Starting from out of range prevents your opponent from striking you – then you move in range to strike when you see an opportunity. Strike and quickly move out of range again before your opponent gets the chance to retaliate.

If you stand too far from your opponent or the bag you will need to take multiple steps before you can strike. Taking multiple steps makes you predictable – your opponent sees the attack coming. 

This tutorial will help you find your individual optimal distance to stand from the bag or your opponent and teach you how to maximize your punch range by extending your arms. Make sure your punches are coming straight from your face in a straight line and then returning in that same line back to your face. Do not drop the hands before punching and do not drop your hands after your punches.

You will learn boxing combos for punching the boxing bag in the next section of this boxing beginners technique tutorial series. See you there.

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