Boxing Combo for Heavy Hooks – 1234, 34

When you have injured your opponent with a hard jab or back hand punch then it is time to close the distance and take the opportunity to hit hard to finish the fight. This boxing combination teaches you how to adjust your stance for throwing heavy hooks multiple times.

Because there is a slightly different stance you need to adjust to when throwing multiple heavy hooks and that is by bringing the back foot up a little bit to square up. Squaring up allows you to shift your body weight better and this is especially important when it comes to hooks. Avoid a stance where your foot is directly behind or in line with the front foot.

Other than the stance, with the hands and arms – a big mistake people make when throwing hooks is they will keep their feet grounded and just use their arms and swing wildly. The correct technique for a boxing hook is to shift your body weight with each punch as this will drive force into your opponent and the weight shift will prepare your next strike. 

Another mistake is dropping the hands when punching – beginners often struggle to learn this when it comes to hooks because they will feel they need to drop their hands and swing with the arm to strike. Nope. When hooking you should keep your hands very close to the face and hook by shifting your weight then releasing your hand a just before impact.

As you rotate your hips and shift weight you are generating the power for the punch. 

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