How to Boxing Punch and Engage Opponents to Strike

In the previous tutorials we learnt some basic boxing punch technique, boxing stance, boxing footwork but in this tutorial we will learn how to engage our opponents and strike them from out of range. Because you do not simply stand in front of your opponent and strike – because you will get hit. The idea is to stand out of range of your opponent – they can not reach you and you can not reach them. Then you strike them as they move in range to strike you or when you see an opportunity you move in range to strike.

Starting with just a 1-2 combo we are going to learn how to step into a 1-2 punch.

When in our boxing squared up stance – with our hands up. We are going to step over the line with our lead leg and jab. Remember the step is small – we do not need to take a large step to reach and strike our opponent. Too big of a step and your opponent will read your movement and strike you before you can strike them.

With the jab – our elbow is in full extension, our palms is facing down and our knuckles is striking our opponent. 

Next we retract our jab hand back to our face straight down the line – right before we throw our 2. When we throw the 2 we follow the same principle. Elbows in full extension, palms facing down, knuckles striking our opponent.

Do not forget to bring the hip and knee through with the back hand punch (2) as this gives us more reach. The heels should be raised up and the foot pressing through the palm to drive force into our punch. 

After retracting the 2 back to our face – press off the front foot and lift the back foot to step out of range again. 

When you step in and strike and then step out again and you are able to do this quickly then it becomes difficult for your opponent to hit you. You will master the art of taking small steps to creep in and strike and then before they know it you are out of range again. They can not strike you back.

It is important you use this same approach when punching a boxing bag – stand slightly out of reach and step in to reach the bag and strike it. When the bag move you move with the bag so that you are always slightly out of range of the bag. This way when you do want to strike all you need to do is take a small step.

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