Boxing Combo for Long Lethal Uppercuts and Hooks – 1 Long 6 32

The long hook and the long uppercut have some technique variations when comparing them to their conventional versions. In this tutorial we will learn how to throw the uppercut and the hook to maximize both range and speed.

The long uppercut is just a slight dip – so that the combination can still be thrown at a range and with maximum speed. Shorter traditional uppercuts are for close range and with more force.

The left hook technique is modified as the forearm rotates outward so your knuckles will still strike your opponent on impact. Because as you can imagine if you were to throw your hook long you would not be able to land your knuckles on your opponent using conventional hook techniques, therefore modifications are necessary to allow this boxing punch to work.

When throwing the long hook you need to stiffen the elbow by fully extending it. This lockout makes the final punch more forceful as the force delivered through the arm is not diluted through a soft elbow.

There you have it – with all these variations together you can perform all of those powerful short range punches at a long range and with speed.

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