Boxing 101 New Zealand 2nd Successful Launch

On July 14 hard work paid off after the first fight night was a great success despite the program only recently starting in 2018. 

The very next day I had to go out and find participants for program 2 which launched just 16 days later… 

It took 3+ months to find enough participants for Program 1.

It took under 3 weeks to find enough for Program 2!

More are still joining. Thank you to everyone for helping to spread the word!

It is not too late to join the program:

boxing team training in auckland

Julian Tang who fought in Program 1 has offered his time to help mentor students in Program 2 while also taking the opportunity to learn some coaching skills. In his own time he studies a post graduate diploma in teaching at university.

Despite only just starting with boxing this year he has been a big help especially with the sudden influx of new participants coming into the gym. Feel free to ask him for some tips on any of the techniques taught.

boxing bag fitness workout
boxing defense drills and skills
boxing sparring training
boxing core exercise for abs

Program 1 Fight Night – July 14

boxing 101 new zealand fight team
Fight Night Recording: 


You now get a free #BOXING101NZ shirt when you buy the program.

I have run out of Mediums and Extra Large’s  – ordering more next week.

In the above group picture im wearing a size Small quick dry shirt. These are purchased separately as they are double the price at $40 – if you want one ordered let me know. Very high quality.

Actually all of them are quality shirts but those quick dry ones are something else.

10,000 YouTube Subscribers

My personal YouTube channel reached a new milestone – this is where I originally started creating tutorial videos. But they were filmed back in 2016 and earlier – I do plan on producing better work in the future as my teaching is on another level now.

Speaking of tutorials – please watch the How to Wrap your Hands video.

Subscribe to

On the above channel I document participants training and progression in the program. I have also uploaded better edited versions of my boxing tutorials – easier to follow and make sense of.

Free of course 🙂

boxing 101 new zealand fight night in auckland

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