Boxing Combo for Heart Stopping Body Shots – 12 Rips 32

We will use the jab and straight right punches to close the distance and setup our body shots which come in at 45 degree angles smashing into our opponents floating ribs. A good body shot can stun your opponent especially when they are already tired. Once we learn the body shots we can add on a left hook and straight right to keep the combination flowing.

Many boxers have tight guards and great defensive skills with an iron jaw that can withstand heavy punches. Hitting them in the body is an alternative when all else fails. Set up the body shots by throwing punches at the head to keep their guard there then slip a single hit or double body shot then move back up to the head again and continue. 

With body shots – the hand position is to face your palm up, like you are scooping upward and striking them with the knuckles. Next strike at a 45 degrees so this is not a hook and it is not an uppercut it is a cross between the two. 

That is not to say a hook or a uppercut will not be an effective body shot as it sure can be but in this combination and generally we throw them at a 45. I call these hits ‘rips’.

12 Rips (x2) 32

That is the combo.

A 45 degree body shot allows you to easily shift your body weight and also follow with hooks.

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