Boxing Combo for Dodging Punches – 12 Back 232

After throwing the jab and straight right punch your opponent may try and counter punch you. In this situation we are not blocking the punch nor slipping it – we are quickly stepping back out of the way to dodge their counter punch and in doing so we are using the momentum from the back step to retaliate. 

In this video I will teach you how to evade and dodge their punch by stepping back with the back foot and then stepping back in again using the momentum to throw a strong counter punch back at your opponent.

This is simply a step back with the back foot to move your head out of the way – your front foot stays planted and therefore you are not actually moving away.

Once you step back you launch yourself straight back in again – remember to place your back foot firmly and ready to throw a 2. Press and drive the force into the 2 using that momentum from the step.

Once you have figured out the back step and you area ready to progress lets add the 32 onto this combination. The end goal is to perform 12 back 2 32.

Despite being very simple this boxing combination requires good footwork and coordination to successfully execute it. Most beginners fail several times to execute this technique. Keep at it.

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