Boxing 101 New Zealand’s first Fight Night was Successful!

It was a very successful fight night on July 14.

Over 2 weeks late for this newsletter but better late than never.

On the night the venue was full of people and everyone’s expectations was exceeded.

16 competitors fought for the First Time Ever after just 16 weeks of training with the beginners program.

And not only was it everyone’s first fight but 12 of the 16 took part in an 8 Man + 4 Man Eliminator Tournament!

4 fought twice in one night and another 2 fought three times! On their first night in the ring ever! In the space of 3 hours.

There were no injuries on the fight night nor in training – proving boxing is a safe sport to do when coached correctly.

Dayne Williams introducing Boxing 101 New Zealand

“The purpose of the program is to introduce and teach participants who know nothing about boxing how to do the sport and prepare them for their first fight in just 16 weeks.

Having a boxing fight is part of the learning experience – when you compete you learn the skills and techniques of a sport none competitors will never. You have the incentive to properly condition yourself and the coach will invest their time and energy into you.

Competitors have the power to positively influence those around them to take action with their health and fitness training. And that is what teaching systems is designed to achieve – using boxing as a vehicle.” 

Fight Night Video - YouTube Live Recording 

This was just as much of an experience for me as it was for the competitors.

I had to organize the event and put forward 16 brand new students who all fought one after the other in the space of 3 hours! I was the referee for each fight which kept me on my toes and full of adrenaline the whole night.

#mindblown Graduation - The Fighters Test

A few participants have done boxing fitness classes in previous years but no real boxing coaching.

I only recently designed the program, promoted it and met everyone all this year in 2018 – then for 16 weeks I taught them boxing.

That included testing participants both mentally and physically so I know whether it is safe to put them in the ring or not. Condition their mind… when the time comes they know what they need to do…and for some people the thought does become a bit too much and they withdraw. 

‘The process is weeding out the weak’
 – Eric Thomas

We started with about 26 and ended with 16.

I was happy with the ratio because if you are going to create a program / course you want it to be challenging but not impossible to pass. If everyone passes ‘the test’ then it is hardly a genuine qualification or achievement right…

Program 1 training videos in chronological order (YouTube playlist)
Boxing Technique Training for Beginners

champion new zealand boxers

Ladies fight

new zealand ladies boxing fight
females boxing fight training
womens boxing fight training


boxing ring
boxing stomach punch combination
boxing combination in a fight
auckland corporate boxing fight
corporate boxers fighting
auckland boxing fight
west auckland boxer punches opponent
lightweight boxer punch
boxing fight training

Promotional Video

The Bucketlist Collective edited one of the best short promo videos i’ve ever seen and completed the job in under 24 hours after filming the #BOXING101NZ fight night.

They document kool bucketlist things to do like the ’16 Week Beginners Fight Training Program’ that offers – something you just gotta experience!


Fighters: Chris Newton, Giselle Pascual, Jamie Chatsinchai, Daniel Teddy, Denis O’Brien, Arshia Moradi, Bran Henesy, Abbey Cowan, Dylan Kennedy, Doug Sainsbury, Jesse Lamprecht-Rewi, Joe Williams, James Collins, Julian Tang, Anh Đại, Ilya Matkovskiy

Chris Newton from Focus Digital Security Solutions for setting up a high quality YouTube live stream of the event.

My parents and brothers who helped as staff for the event.

Everyone that has helped spread the word of the program.

Thank you,
Dayne Williams

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