Boxing Combo for Deadly Left Hooks – 1232

After learning how to engage your opponent and take a step with the straight jab followed by a back hand we next learn how to throw the left hook. Adding the left hook also teaches you how to transfer your body weight so that you may flow with your punches – linking them together to form combinations. In this tutorial I use the basic 1232 combo as an introduction.

When we take a step with our jab we are positioning ourselves for a hook. We are stepping in to strike yes but also positioning for the hook. Next the back hand follows and the weight travels to that lead leg. 

With the weight on the lead leg we need to transfer it back to the back leg and in doing so we are throwing the hook driving the weight behind it and into our opponent.

To successfully transfer the weight back and drive it into your opponent you need to turn the hip, knee and toe to direct the weight shift. In the video I exaggerate the movement in my explanation to help beginners learn how to transfer their body weight. In practice it is much less – in my demonstration i’m moving very fast and so the amount i’m turning is minimal. Take into consideration that it is very hard to see visually how much I am turning my body due to the speed. You need to slow the video down to start to see it.

A big mistake beginners will make is hook with just their arm and not use their body weight. An effective hook uses the body weight to shift the weight and then simply place the arm out there in the final moments to deliver the hook.

In the following tutorial we will take our left hook technique to the next level with the double hook skill.

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