4 Boxing Combos for Weaving Punches – Evasion Techniques

In the previous tutorial you learnt how to evade a straight punch by slipping, now you will learn how to evade hooks by weaving aka rolling.

As I have previously explained when I introduced slips – evasion techniques setup counter attacks and this is also true for weaving as well. Because as you evade your body is positioned to strike back and new opportunities will present themselves. As you weave to the left (orthodox fighter) you will set up the lead hook whereas weaving to the right sets up the back hand. You step into position for the strike and as you step you transfer your body weight for that strike.

In the video I present several combinations for students to practice to help them learn weaves. The boxing combos will introduce you to weaving hooks and get you used to punching after you weave whether you weave to the left or right or even combine weaving with slips.

It is important to note that when you weave to the left you step in towards your opponent to position yourself for the hook. Whereas weaving to the right is simply a side step – bringing both feet. You will then be in perfect range to throw a 2.

A common mistake is people will bend and lean forward when weaving – this opens you to an uppercut and it is also an ineffective position to be in. You can’t punch from that position nor can you see what is happening.

As you weave your body should be upright and your shoulder level – no tilting, no bending.

Because you are shifting your body weight when weaving – take for example weaving in to the left… you are bringing your right shoulder forward so on completion your left shoulder is ready to throw the left hook. And vice versa for weaving to the right. Your left shoulder comes forward.

Watch the video, take not of my body’s position and how I am stepping, dipping and shift my body weight.

Good luck.

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